Lacazette Guarantee Goal for Arsenal

Alexandre Lacazette’s acquisition by Arsenal was hailed heavily. He is believed to be very fitting with how to play the Gunners and promise many goals.

Lacazette officially became an Arsenal player in the transfer market this summer. To get it, Arsenal reportedly have to spend money of 60 million euros and broke the club record.

But this purchase is believed to be in vain for Arsenal. French manager Gerard Houllier believes the 26-year-old will clip with the games of northern London children and score many goals.

Last season Lacazette made 37 goals in 45 appearances throughout the event. His 28th goal in the French league last season put him in the top two of the top scorer list, only to lose to Edinson Cavani.

“He’s more like Alexis Sanchez than Olivier Giroud, Ian Wright is a great comparison, he’s very active, good in the cramped space, has good technique, and he scores goals,” Houllier said of Lacazette’s style to talksport.

“He is the top scorer in France in 2014/2015, the best player in the league in 2015, and has been France’s best goalscorer for the past three seasons.”

“He made more than 25 goals per season – one thing he will bring to Arsenal is clear goals, scoring that goal is his main asset he can attack can also survive quickly.

“I’m not surprised Arsene Wenger is very quick to like him, he will fit in with their game, he will fit their bait game, how they build his attack, their approach he is very good near the penalty box,” he said quoted livescore123.

Atletico calling Torres Contract

After his future was questioned, Fernando Torres finally got a new contract from Atletico Madrid. Torres is maintained until the end of next season.

The 33-year-old striker returned to Atletico in the 2014 season after undergoing a career up and down in England with Liverpool and Chelsea. After undergoing a loan period of two seasons, Torres was confirmed in the 2016-17 season, where he packed 10 goals and 7 assists in 45 appearances in all competitions.

Although only a coating of Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro, Torres’s presence adds to the depth of the squad Los Colchoneros. Especially after Atletico was sentenced to ban the transfer of players until January 2018.

Torres has several times affirmed his desire to continue to defend Atletico. Until finally, the club really gave him a new contract.

“I’m very excited to go on for another year together,” Torres’s short statement on the club’s official website said to indonesia live skor bola livescore123.

Earlier, Atletico had been close to French striker Alexandre Lacazette. However, after being sentenced, Lacazette eventually sold Lyon to Arsenal.

The Exodus of Monaco Players Continues, Valere Germain Moves to Marseille

The US players Monaco again digaet other clubs. This time it was Valere Germain’s turn to move to fellow French club Olympique Marseille.

Monaco performed superbly last season when they won Ligue 1 for the first time since 2001. In fact they also drove deep in the Champions League before Juventus halted in the semi-finals.

With such an amazing performance, it is clear the Monaco players get a thumbs up. Moreover, Monaco also appear very productive with 159 goals from all competitions.

It can not be separated from the role of three players front of Radamel Falcao, Kylian Mbappe, and Germain who totaled 73 goals. Falcao had 30 goals, Mbappe with 26 goals, and Germain had 17 goals.

This then makes all three plus a few players Monaco so coveted the big clubs of Europe. The summer transfer market has not yet officially opened, Monaco has lost some of its top players last season such as Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), Nabil Dirar (Fenerbahce), and lastly Germain.

For Germain, Monaco released it to Marseille with the official price of up to 8 million euros and a four-year contract. Monaco’s third top-scorer move last season could not be separated from the role of Germain’s father, Bruno, who is a living legend of Marseille.